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Japan Gaza Innovation Challenge(ガザビジ) は、民間企業、国連、NGO、政府系組織、大学・大学院生、研究機関など、様々なバックグランドを持ったメンバーが集まって、発足しました。



Japan Gaza Innovation Challenge(ガザビジ) は、2017年9月11日を以って「一般社団法人 ソーシャル・イノベーション・ワークス」に移行しました。今後は世界中で頑張っている仲間をサポートできるよう、ガザ地区に加え、活動の幅をミャンマーなど他地域にも広げていく予定です。


Japan Gaza Innovation Challenge (JGIC) is a Tokyo-based Japanese organization run by a group of about 20 individuals with different backgrounds (e.g. private sectors, the UN, government-related organizations, universities and graduate schools, and research institutions).

We host an annual entrepreneurial contest in Gaza and provide financial, technical, and management support to the winner, in collaboration with local mentors and supporters.

Our objective is to help to create a brighter future of Gaza by supporting social entrepreneurs who will be responsible for the next generation and by realizing social innovation and business with the huge potential of skilled and talented individuals, especially among the youth. Eventually, we aim to establish a sustainable platform including social investments by continuing entrepreneurial contest and management support framework,  which was started in 2016.


Meet entreprenur from Gaza! 2018年9月1日〜15日までガザの企業家・マジッドさんが来日します!

9月8日(土)17時からJICA地球ひろばでイベントを開催 また期間中、企業研修のアテンドなどのボランティアも募っています。

About Project

Business Contest2016

2016年8月、UNRWA(国連パレスチナ難民救済事業機関)や、UNRWAスピンアウトのスタートアップ支援企業Gaza Gatewayをはじめとする現地団体のサポートをいただき開催しました。
The first business contest was held in corporation with UNRWA and many local supports such as Gaza Gateway.

Business Contest 2017

The second business contest was held on August 12th-14th

Japan Tour 2017

Winners of the business contest was invited to Japan as a part of follow-up activities.

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About Entrepreneur


ECOHOME aims to produce alternative and renewable energy by converting organic matter and manure into flammable methane by anaerobic fermentation which can be a solution for fuel shortage in Gaza as well as to produce organic fertilizer

Green Cake

Green Cake aims at contributing to the reconstruction of Gaza by developing concrete blocks made from ashes.


Sketch aims at helping those people with wheelchairs move easily and safely on stairs in their everyday life by developing triple wheels mechanism.

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