Overview of GEC2017

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Screening schedule

Business plan application period- Monday, May 21 to Friday, July 7, 2017, at 23:59
Second round application- July 10th Monday to July 21st Friday, 2017 at 23:59

Announcement of the participants for GEC2017— Monday, July 24
JGIC meeting with the participating teams (1) and Participating teams & mentors matching meeting (2) – Thursday, July 27
Participating teams & mentors & supporters final meeting (*1) – Thursday, August 10

*1 It is important meeting session with Japan Gaza Innovation Challenge to get to know each other better and select mentors. If it is difficult to attend, please contact the following e-mail address.
*2 We will hold a meeting for you to improve your business ideas with mentors and be prepared for the mini-MBA workshop at GEC2017.

Program Details (Subject to changes)

Date:From August 12th to August 14th
Venue: to be decided

Day1 August 12th
Panel Discussion by Gazan and Japanese Entrepreneurs: Gazan and Japanese entrepreneurs including the leaders of GEC 2016 Awards Team introduce about their innovations and projects, and share experiences and difficulties. Discussion with participants interactively by Q&A, and give advice for entrepreneurs.

Mini-MBA Workshop: A workshop providing the fundamental and essential knowledge for entrepreneurs, such as pitch method for investors, what to pay attention to when presenting, financial and accounting in corporate management, and how to study it.

Lecture on Social Investment and Investors’ Perspectives: Lecture on social investment and the points when investing, as well as commentary on the evaluation criteria for the business contest.

Day2 August 13th
Business Contest First Round: All 10 teams give first presentations on their business plans, and 6 teams will be selected for the final round. The order of presentations will be determined by the lottery.

The introduction of Japanese Culture and Traditions from Gaza Entrepreneurs’ Perspectives: While calculating the results of the first round of the business contest, introduce the characteristics and traditional culture of Japanese society useful for innovation, entrepreneurship, enterprise management, etc. that GEC 2016 awarded team leaders experienced in Japan.

Day3 August 14th
Business Contest Final Round: The 6 teams which passed the first round will give the final presentations after revising their ideas based on the comments and advice from judges during the first round.

Palestinian Culture Introduction: During the calculation of final results, interactions between participants, JGIC, mentors, and supporters will be promoted through the introduction of Palestinian music and dance.

Winning Prizes

  • 5,000 USD

  • Technical support by Japanese firms making full use of JGIC’s network

  • Management advice by local mentors, JGIC, and volunteers of social workers
  • Japan Tour: As long as the political situation permits, the leader of the winning team will be invited to Japan tour