Overview of application and criteria

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How To Apply

  • Please read through all the application qualifications carefully and fill out the application form.
  • Please note that we will not be able to accept and screen your application in case your team does not meet all the requirements, has omissions in the application form or fails to apply by the deadline. Please make sure these points before applying.

Application Requirements

  • The team has an innovative business idea which can be a solution to some of the social issues and strong will to contribute to the life improvements in Gaza
  • The majority of participating team members are women
  • The team with a female leader would have some advantages in evaluation
  • The team has English skills good enough to smoothly communicate with Japanese supporters
  • The team is composed of about 5 members
  • The team is composed of members from 15 to 29 years old
  • The team is able to attend whole GEC 2017 program including assignments given in advance and pre-meetings with JGIC and local mentors
  • The team is able to actively participate in the entrepreneur support program by JGIC, including keeping close communication with local mentors, attending the monthly online meeting with JGIC, and providing the updated information, business plans, and reports.
  • The team leader is able to participate in W-SEC2018. *Subject to the political situations and conditions of visa acquision)
  • The team is able to contribute to the growth of Gazan entrepreneur community through the continuous cooperation with JGIC even after the end of JGIC support program.

Evaluation criteria ####
GEC 2017 have four evaluation criteria in screening process
* Feasibility…Can your business idea be materialized practically?
* Sustainability…Can your business idea expect enough economic returns?
* Creativity…Is your business idea an original and creative idea?
* Social Contribution / Publicness…Does your business idea aim for the life improvement in Gaza and creation of Gaza future?