【Participants of GEC2017!!】

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【Participants of GEC2017!!!!】

Dear all the applicants for GEC2017,
Once again, we, Japan Gaza Innovation Challenge, would like to appreciate each one of you for applying for GEC2017 with full of innovative ideas and positive visions for the future.
After the long process of document screening and interview, here, we would like to announce the 10 participating teams for GEC2017!!!

Ana Arabi
Rozza Designs
Speed Math Program
Walk and Charge

Congratulations for those who have been selected! We’ll be so happy to see you at GEC2017 and more details will be sent to you shortly.
To those who did not make it this time, we highly appreciate your interests and commitments. We wish you all the best to continue your hard work and develop your ideas better for the coming years! As long as you keep believing in what you are doing and pursuing your dreams, nothing turns out to be futile. Good Luck!!