GEC2017 Final Presentations/最終プレゼンテーションを紹介!

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Please watch presentation videos and slides for the final presentations on the last day of the business contest on August 14th by entrepreneurs in Gaza who aims to produce changes in Gaza by their business ideas.



ECOHOME aims to produce alternative and renewable energy by converting organic matter and manure into flammable methane by anaerobic fermentation which can be a solution for fuel shortage in Gaza as well as to produce organic fertilizer that nourishes soil to improve crop quality naturally without damage on human healthy.

プレゼンテーションスライド Presentation slide


Eco Crete

ECO-Crete focuses on these problems and reuses glass waste which has not been dealt with because of lack of facility and electricity etc. after grinding it as partial replacement of cement which is shortage in Gaza because of import restriction. This project enables to solve environmental and economic problems in Gaza by reusing glass waste because glass waste is cheaper than cement.

プレゼンテーションスライド Presentation slide

Ana Arabi

Ana Arabi is an educational company that provides many kinds of stories written in Arabic through a website and enables customers to listen to stories. This project aims to to help children in Diaspora to improve their Arabic skills, and most importantly, to link children in Gaza and in Diaspora with their dreams, values, Arabic languages, history, culture in an entertainment way.

プレゼンテーションスライド Presentation slide


Veranda is literally a company for veranda using recycles which offers a complete service from design, implementation and supervision, technical support and maintenance for home gardening. This project aims to respond to lack of green spaces and increase people’s awareness of the importance of the environment.

プレゼンテーションスライド Presentation slide

Basata Up

Basata Up makes artistic furniture from recycled wooden pallets which are contained in transportation of goods and neglected and sell it through a mobile application with high quality and cheap cost in an environmentally friendly way.

プレゼンテーションスライド Presentation slide

Rossa Designs

Rozza Designs is the first online customized gift shop that totally operated by women in Gaza. Customers send their ideas, wishes, orders to Rozza Designs, then they creates the requested designs and print them on many different blanks producing special gifts such as mugs, T-shirts, mobile covers etc. The members of Rozza Designs want to change the believe that women cannot have and run a successful business, and encourage women.

プレゼンテーションスライド Presentation slide

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